Nonsurgical (Liquid) Rhinoplasty

What is Nonsurgical (Liquid) Rhinoplasty (NSR)?

NSR is the reshaping and enhancement of the nose via hyaluronic acid (HA) injections without resorting to surgery. By injecting HA fillers into precise nose areas, cosmetic practitioners can effectively smooth out irregularities, correct minor asymmetry, augment the nasal bridge, and enhance tip projection.

Who is a candidate for NSR?

NSR with HA fillers is a popular choice for those seeking subtle nasal enhancements without the commitment of surgery. This treatment suits individuals without previous nasal treatments and those with previous NSR or surgical rhinoplasty.

What are the advantages of NSR?

NSR offers several advantages, including instant aesthetic results, minimal downtime, reduced risks, and temporary results that allow for adjustments over time.

Greater Boston NSR

At GK Dermatology, we provide Greater Boston NSR at our Weymouth, MA, dermatology office. We offer a modern and welcoming environment for your rhinoplasty treatments.

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