Pregnancy Service

Pregnant and nursing mothers can experience a wide range of skin issues. This can be a stressful and emotional time for women. Our dermatology services for pregnant women and nursing mothers aims to alleviate common skin problems related to pregnancy and lactation.

Obstetric Dermatology

Dr. Kroumpouzos specializes in skin disease in pregnancy and breastfeeding, and is one of the leaders internationally in the field. His prolific work over more than 15 years has produced a number of publications and clinical studies. Among others, Dr. Kroumpouzos has edited the Text Atlas of Obstetric Dermatology, a well-received text atlas that has been translated in several languages.

Dermatology Services for Pregnant Women

At GK Dermatology, we take special care of pregnant patients and breastfeeding mothers. As part of our dermatology services for pregnant women, we cooperate with a significant number of Obstetric Physicians in Massachusetts as well as the Department of Obstetric Medicine at Brown University. Among others, we focus on:

  • Rashes in pregnancy
  • Pre-existing skin disease affected by pregnancy
  • Drug safety in pregnancy and lactation
  • Skin surgery in pregnancy
  • Cosmetic procedures in pregnancy

If you are a pregnant woman or breastfeeding mother with a skin problem, please call 781-812-1078 to schedule a consultation and learn more.

Pregnancy Skin Disease Specialist
Pregnancy Skin Disease Specialist
Pregnancy Skin Disease Specialist
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