Fungal Infections

GK Dermatology provides treatment of fungal infections in  Weymouth MA (South Shore MA).

Which Are The Common Fungal Infections?

Fungal infections can affect many different body areas including skin, hair, nails.Common fungal infections include athlete’s feet, onychomycosis (nail fungus), jock itch (fungus in the groin), ringworm, and tinea versicolor. Additionally, a type of fungus called Candida may affect the vaginal surfaces (vaginitis) and inside the mouth (thrush). Moist skin, such as between the toes, on groin, palms or under breasts, is most commonly affected. They are transmitted from person to person, or by pets, rodents, or contaminated soil.

Treatment of Fungal Infections in Weymouth MA

Your dermatologist will often need to take a sample in order to prove the infection. Taking scrapings from the skin (potassium hydroxide preparation) to examine microscopically for the presence of fungus is one of the common tests performed. Other tests include a skin or nail biopsy and fungal culture. These procedures are performed in the office. Most fungal infections can be easily cured. Medical treatment needs to be tailored to the type of the infection and history of the condition and patient. While some fungal infections are treated with topical medicines, other require medications by mouth. Dr. Kroumpouzos discusses the prognosis of the infection and available treatment options during his consultation.

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