Chemical Brow Lift

A lifting change in the appearance of low-set eyebrows, called brow lift, can result from injection of a neuromodulator, such as Botox Dysport or Xeomin. A higher brow can be created with these appropriate injections. Botox, Dysport or Xeomin, all can relax the depressor muscles of the glabella region between the eyebrows and the outer eyebrow area. The unopposed elevating muscles of the forehead (frontalis) can then pull up on the lower forehead. Dr. Kroumpouzos can perform a South Weymouth MA Chemical Brow Lift to create a  “flared,” “arched,” or “horizontal” lift, (dependent upon placement) which is is the key to ensuring you get the look you’re expecting.

South Weymouth MA Chemical Brow Lift

South Weymouth MA Chemical Brow Lift treatments are quick, there is no downtime, and results can be seen in one to two weeks. Fillers are a great complement to Botox/Dysport in this area, restoring the natural contours of full brows and adding extra height to the eyebrows themselves. Dr. Kroumpouzos uses topical anesthetic cream in order to minimize the pinprick sensation of the injections.

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