Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment

The latest technology of the Icon Palomar IPL system delivers a precise pulse of non-coherent light (590-1200 nm). The light is transmitted through a set of filters that determine its spectral characteristics. The energy generated by the light is absorbed by a chromophore in the skin, for example, hemoglobin in the blood or pigment in a lesion, causing a thermal reaction. The thermal reaction causes damage to the target chromophore; for example, damage to the hair follicle with relative sparing of the epidermis results in hair removal.

South Shore MA Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

South Shore MA Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is used to treat, among others, pigmented lesions (sun spots, age spots, and other skin discolorations) and vascular lesions (rosacea, red spots, leg veins and small spider veins, but not varicose veins). Other indications include fine lines, textural irregularities, and hair reduction. A series of two to four treatments is typically required for optimal results. The procedure is typically well tolerated, and topical anesthesia is not needed. The treated area may be red (looks like a mild sunburn) and swollen for 2-3 days or longer. Ways to minimize redness after the procedure and get to back into your daily routine schedule as quickly as possible will be reviewed by our medical staff.

At GK Dermatology we have been performing advanced South Shore MA Intense Pulsed Light treatments with excellent cosmetic results. If you are interested in the procedure please contact our office for a consultation.

Before & After: Rosacea

Intensed Pulsed Light Treatment - Before


Intensed Pulsed Light Treatment - After


Rosacea before and after South Shore MA Intense Pulsed Light treatment. If you like the results you see here, please request a cosmetic consultation (click on online consultation link) to learn more about this procedure.