Laser Nd:Yag for Veins, Birthmarks & Redness

The Palomar Nd:Yag 1064 nm laser targets hemoglobin in the vessels that leads to destruction and reabsorption of the treated vessel. This South Shore MA laser procedure does not break/injure the skin. It is used for the treatment and clearance of vascular lesions including but not limited to hemangiomas, vascular birthmarks, venous lakes, superficial and deep telangiectasias, and reticular veins no larger than 4.0 mm.

South Shore MA Laser Treatments

A topical anesthetic is not required. Some patients describe the experience as a mild to moderate stinging sensation that feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Initially the treated vessel will darken in color, and a bruise-like discoloration may develop for 3-4 days, especially when treating larger vessels. The laser treated area may also show mild swelling for 1-2 days. The vessel is expected to fade to a pinkish or beige color, with complete skin clearing in 6 weeks to 6 months.

The number of necessary South Shore MA laser treatments depends on the size and number of vessels. Small hemangiomas and telangiectasias may need only 1 treatment. However, 2 -3 treatments can be expected for venous lakes and larger spider veins, and treatments are spaced 6 -8 weeks apart to allow time for healing and reabsorption of treated vessels. Laser leg vein therapy often needs to be combined with other procedures, such as sclerotherapy, for best results. Dr. Kroumpouzos discusses the recommended aftercare prior to the procedure.

Before & After: Telangiectasias

Nd:yag - before


Nd:yag - after


Nasal telangiectasias (“broken vessels”) before and after Nd:Yag 1064 nm laser treatment. If you like the South Shore MA laser treatment results shown here, please call 781-812-1078 to schedule a consultation and learn more about this procedure.