Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a skin disease characterized by inflamed, cracked, oozing, itchy skin. Most eczema begins by the age of two and resolves by puberty but some cases can persist in adulthood. Eczema runs in the family, and is often associated with asthma, seasonal rhinitis or hay fever. Aggravating factors include contact irritants and allergens, perspiration, excessive heat, rough fibers, tight clothing, cool dry air with no humidity, and emotional stress. Food allergies may trigger eczema flares in infants and children. The medical professionals at GK Dermatology are South Weymouth MA Eczema Specialists.

South Weymouth MA Eczema SpecialistsHow Is Eczema Treated by our South Weymouth MA Eczema Specialists?

There is no permanent cure for eczema – it can be kept under control with a good daily skin care regimen, including the use of effective emollients, elimination of irritants and allergens, and use of topical anti-inflammatory medications. The daily use of emollients is very important, and the moisturizers available at GK Dermatology provide an excellent option. Severe eczema may require oral medications and narrowband UVB (available at GK Dermatology, South Weymouth MA Eczema Specialists). Dr. Kroumpouzos will take multiple approaches to eczema management from discussing avoidance of external irritants and allergens, dry skin care, topical medications, and light therapy.

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