Hair Loss/Thinning

GK Dermatology provides hair loss/thinning treatments in Weymouth MA, our South Shore MA practice location.

What Causes Hair Loss/Thinning?

Hair loss/thinning can have many different causes including improper hair cosmetic use and/or hair care, hereditary thinning or balding, alopecia areata, childbirth, medications, internal disease such as anemia or thyroid disease, inadequate protein in diet, low serum iron, major stress such as after surgery, chronic illness, fungal infection of the scalp, and hair pulling in response to stress or mental health disorder (trichotillomania). In alopecia areata, a common form of hair loss, hair falling results in round patches. The etiology of alopecia areata remains unknown.

Hair Loss/Thinning Treatments in Weymouth MA

Hair loss/thinning is a purely dermatologic problem, and identifying its cause requires a thorough work-up. The dermatologist may need to take some hairs from the patient’s scalp for microscopic examination, and occasionally a scalp biopsy (performed under local anesthesia). The evaluation of hair loss and response to treatment usually requires several office visits. For several types of hair loss, there is no cure and/or treatment is expected to provide only modest improvement. Treatment of hair loss/thinning is tailored to the specific cause, and it is important that the patient follows the treatment plan recommended by the dermatologist.

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