GK Dermatology provides treatment of keloids in South Weymouth MA.

What are Keloids?

Keloid is a type of robust scar that develops from an uncontrolled growth of collagen following injury to the skin – they can be triggered even by minor trauma. Keloids tend to occur more in persons with darker skin types. They appear as thickened, hard growths that expand beyond the margins of a normal wound. They are most commonly seen on the chest, back and earlobes. They can can grow exceptionally large that makes them cosmetically unsightly, and be itchy or painful if touched.

Treatment of Keloids in South Weymouth MA

Medical treatment for a cure is very tricky because most treatments of keloids in South Weymouth MA involve physical modalities that can re-traumatize the area and potentially cause keloids to recur even larger. Medical improvements are possible in many cases. Still these medical procedures create improvements that occur over time, and not quickly. Treatment options include topical medicines, injections of steroids, cryotherapy, lasers, and in only the most severe cases, surgical removal. Surgically removed lesions often recur larger than the original lesion.

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