Birthmarks manifest at birth or within the first few weeks of life. They are often made up of an increased number of pigment producing cells called melanocytes or packed blood vessels (vascular birthmarks) in the skin. The former may show several shades of brown whereas the latter can be bright red, pink or bluish in color.

The appearance of a birthmark can change over time. More than one out of 10 babies have vascular birthmarks (see picture below). There are various types of vascular birthmarks, including macular (flat) stains (port wine stains), hemangiomas, and port wine stains.


Are Birthmark Treatments Required?

Birthmarks may not cause any complications and, most of the time, birthmark treatments are not required. Most vascular birthmarks go away without treatment or can be treated effectively. It is important that a baby with a birthmark be examined by a dermatologist as early as possible so that a correct diagnosis can be provided and the need for treatment evaluated.

Birthmark Treatments in Weymouth MA

You can request a consultation on birthmarks and birthmark treatments in Weymouth MA at our office. As part of our evaluation, a full body skin examination of your baby shall be performed.

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