At GK Dermatology, we perform South Weymouth MA skin excisions as part of our surgical dermatology services.

Details on South Weymouth MA Skin Excisions

Excision is a surgical procedure that is used to remove benign lesions and malignant skin tumors. It is used particularly for deep lesions and/or when permanent removal of the lesion is required. It involves an elliptical incision into the skin that is performed under local anesthesia.

Electrocautery or radiosurgery is used for hemostasis prior to closing the wound with sutures. The sutures are typically removed 1 week after the procedure. The healing process usually takes 2 weeks but may take up to 4 weeks. A linear scar always results – scarring is the end result of the amazing ability of the body to heal.  The linear scar is expected to soften and flatten out over time. Most patients are pleased with the results of the procedure.

Excision: Before & After

Before South Weymouth MA Skin Excisions



After South Weymouth MA Skin Excisions



Basal cell carcinoma before and 2 months after excision. For more information on South Weymouth MA Skin Excisions, please call 781-812-1078 to schedule a consultation and learn more.