Nail Surgery

Nail conditions are an important part of dermatology. Management of many different nail conditions require a surgical approach. GK Dermatology offers a range of Weymouth MA nail surgery procedures.

Principles of Nail Surgery

Topical anesthesia is typically applied before Weymouth MA nail surgery procedures. A tourniquet (wrap-up elastic around the finger or toe) is used to control bleeding during the procedure. An aseptic technique is followed when performing nail surgery to ensure that the area is free from contamination and harmful bacteria. Standard surgical precautions are required and followed. Postoperative care is also important. Your surgeon will review this information with you carefully to ensure that proper care and follow-up after nail surgery.

Treatments of Nail Surgery

Nail surgery can be used in order to relieve pain, treat infections, develop access to subungual problems, correct anatomical deformities (such as an ingrown nail), and remove benign and malignant nail tumors. Additionally, biopsy of the nail matrix (root of the nail) is required for certain conditions and tumors. Biopsies require a surgical approach.

Weymouth MA Nail Surgery Procedures

Dr. Kroumpouzos has been performing nail surgery in the South Shore area for over 15 years. To schedule an appointment regarding Weymouth MA nail surgery procedures, please call 781-812-1078 to schedule a consultation and learn more.