Skin Repairs and Grafts

Most operative skin defects in skin surgery can be closed in a linear fashion. Whenever this is not possible, other ways to close the wound, such as using a skin graft or moving skin from nearby tissue (flap), can be utilized. GK Dermatology offers Weymouth MA skin repairs and grafts to treat such conditions.

When Are Skin Grafts Used?

A skin graft is an intact piece of skin that has been removed from its donor site in order to cover a new area of skin to treat a surgical defect (recipient site). The removed skin does not retain a vascularized connection to the donor site. Full-thickness skin grafts are often used to resurface a skin defect. They are utilized for large areas, such as those resulting from removal of big skin cancers, and when there is lack of adequate adjacent tissue or limited mobility. Other tissue quality factors may affect local tissue transfer and favor a graft.

When Are Flaps Used?

A flap is a piece of healthy skin and subcutaneous tissue that is partly detached and moved to cover a nearby surgical defect. Contrary to grafts, flaps retain vascularized connection to the underlying tissues, which enhances their viability. Flaps help restore function by filling and closing surgical defects. Also, they restore the natural appearance of skin as their texture matches that of the nearby skin that was removed.

Weymouth MA Skin Repairs and Grafts

To schedule an appointment regarding Weymouth MA skin repairs and grafts, please call 781-812-1078 to schedule a consultation and learn more. We will evaluate your condition at our South Shore MA office and determine whether skin grafts or flaps are most appropriate. We can also answer any questions that you may have on treatment.