Cyst Removal

Cysts are closed sac-like or capsule structures that filled with semisolid, gaseous, or liquid material. They look like skin-colored bumps and feel like a ball under the skin. They can be physically bothersome, especially when infected, and in that case can drain pus. They often grow over time which may cause a cosmetic nuisance. GK Dermatology offers Weymouth MA cyst removal treatment.

Cyst Removal Options

It is recommended to have a cyst removed before it bursts. During cyst removal procedures, the surgeon will numb the skin by injecting anesthesia. In the procedure called “incision and drainage”, the surgeon removes the contents of the cyst as well as its sac through a small incision. The incision line can be left to heal by itself or stitched up. The skin will heal from the inside out. Cyst removal procedures are highly successful and leave minimal scarring, if any. Patients at GK Dermatology have been very pleased with the results of our Weymouth MA cyst removal treatment.

Removing the whole cyst via a classic excision is an alternative option, although it is less often performed than “incision and drainage”.

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