Wound Healing

Optimizing wound healing is an important component of Dermatologic Surgery. GK Dermatology offers Weymouth MA expert postoperative care and wound care.

Which Are The Principles of Postoperative Wound Care?

Postoperative wound management starts from the conclusion of a surgical procedure and continues through the early remodeling phase that may last weeks to months. It aims at enhancing the healing and preventing/treating complications such as infection, contact dermatitis, seroma formation, and excessive granulation tissue among others. At GK Dermatology we use up-to-date wound dressings that enhance the healing and improve the cosmetic outcome (see photos below).

Weymouth MA Care for Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds can result from venous insufficiency, diabetic neuropathy, and pressure necrosis among others. Determining the etiology of the wound is key to management. Avoiding leakage, providing pain control, preventing maceration, minimizing odor, removing necrotic tissue, and keeping the wound moist with an appropriate dressing are ways to optimize results in wound care.

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Wound Healing: Silicone Dressing

open wound before healing process

Closed wound after treatment

Wound immediately after basal cell carcinoma removal with radiosurgery and 5 weeks after daily application of a silicone-containing wound film. If you like the results you see here, please request a cosmetic consultation (click on online consultation link).