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Lecture at 13th 5CC World Congress

Dr. Kroumpouzos delivered a lecture on Radiofrequency on the Vulvovaginal Area: Aesthetic and Functional Benefits of the 5CC World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on September 4. This live session was organized by the International Society of Reconstructive and Intimate treatment (ISRAIT). ISRAIT is a group of physicians dedicated to all aspects of intimate treatment.

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Lecture at IAPCAM 2021 Meeting

Dr. Kroumpouzos delivered a well-received lecture on “Hyaluronidase for Filler Complications: Indications and Pitfalls” at the hybrid IAPCAM (“Complications”) meeting in London on September 3rd. The aim of the International Association for Prevention of Complications in  Aesthetic Medicine (IAPCAM) is to share a body of knowledge in the field of Aesthetic Complications with medical practitioners …Read More

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Lecture at IMCAS Asia 2021 Meeting

Dr. Kroumpouzos will deliver a lecture Radiofrequency for Vulvovaginal Rejuvenation in the session Genital Treatments (ISRAIT) of the hybrid IMCAS Asia 2021 Meeting in Taiwan on July 10. This is a live session that entertains questions from the attendees. The best experts from all over the world present their latest techniques and studies.

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