Rosacea is a common inflammatory disease that affects the skin of the face, especially areas where people blush such as the cheeks, chin and nose. Rosacea is predominantly seen in adults, particularly those that are fair-skinned and/or have a history of easy flushing or blushing. The cause of rosacea in unknown; a combination of genetic and environmental factors, such as the sunlight, may play a role. Factors that can make rosacea worse include sun exposure, temperature extremes (hot baths or saunas), strenuous exercise, spicy foods, caffeine, stress, menopause, and certain oral medications. GK Dermatology provides S Weymouth MA rosacea treatment options.

S Weymouth MA rosacea treatment

Common Rosacea Symptoms

Most patients develop one or more of the following: redness, pimples, enlarged (“broken”) vessels and nasal bumps that make the nose look larger and swollen (rhinophyma). In addition, the eyes can be affected in more than half of the patients (ocular rosacea). Symptoms of ocular rosacea include redness, burning, tearing, and the sensation of a foreign body or sand in the eye. The eyelids may appear inflamed and swollen.

S Weymouth MA Rosacea Treatment Options

Rosacea can’t be cured but it can be controlled. Management includes daily sun protection (with a sunscreen that offers an SPF > 30), avoidance of the aggravating factors of the disease (see above), and treatment with topical medications and, when indicated, an oral antibiotic.  The “broken” vessels respond very well to vascular lasers, such as Nd:Yag 1064 nm laser, and intense pulsed light (IPL). Patients need a customized regimen in order to achieve best results. Consult Dr. Kroumpouzos for the best advice on helping to overcome rosacea.

Before & After: Intense Pulsed Light

Intensed Pulsed Light Treatment - Before


Intensed Pulsed Light Treatment - After


Rosacea before and after IPL treatment. If you are interested in evaluating S Weymouth MA rosacea treatment options, please call 781-812-1078 to schedule a consultation and learn more about this procedure.