Deep Skin Resurfacing With Phenol-Croton Oil Peel

  • Posted on: Aug 10 2022
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Phenol-Croton oil peel penetrates deep into the dermis and sloughs off the superficial layer of the skin (epidermis). The phenol peel provides reliable and consistent deep chemexfoliation into the level of the mid-reticular dermis and is the preferred peel for deep peeling. Phenol formulation includes a detergent, croton oil, which acts as an epidermolytic agent, soap (novisol), and water. This dilution allows for deeper and more uniform keratocoagulation.

The phenol peel rejuvenates the skin’s surface for results that last and are comparable to those of a carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. Not only do skin lines and wrinkles improve, but the texture as well. The skin attains a glow and looks youthful after the procedure. It improves skin aging, photo-aging, and scars such as acne scars impressively.

The procedure causes swelling and redness of the peeled areas, and the patient may experience stinging and/or tightness. This type of peel requires oral anesthesia before and after the procedure. Following the aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Kroumpouzos significantly improves the results of your chemical peel treatment. For more information on chemical peels, please visit

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