Scarless Mole Removal

  • Posted on: Mar 28 2020
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Over time the body has a tendency to grow many new moles. Most of the time these lesions are more of a cosmetic annoyance. Removing unwanted moles is a procedure that dermatologists can do better than anyone else. Scarless mole removal is an art, and requires skills and experience. 

Which procedures are used for mole removal?

As dermatologists, we can make our patients happy by removing moles with flawless technique that leaves no mark. This is especially true for areas of major cosmetic importance such as the face and neck. Moles can be removed typically by excision, punch technique, shaving, or laser. Laser removal (ablative) may be used for small moles but is not ideal for large moles because of increased risks.

How are moles removed at GK Dermatology?

at GK Dermatology we prefer a gentle shaving with our Radiofrequency device. This modern technique does not cause any permanent mark in the skin, such as depression, because the skin surgeon can control the depth of shaving perfectly during the procedure. Also, our Radiofrequency device has a coagulation mode that stops any bleeding and can be used as the last pass in this procedure. During the coagulation stage, the area being shaved shrinks which minimizes any post-procedure mark.

What is the aftercare?

AFTERCARE is extremely important, and we recommend products, some of them are available at GK Dermatology, that can speed up and optimize healing. Dr. Kroumpouzos reviews all important aspects of aftercare with patient to ensure that healing will be optimal.

If you would like a flawless mole removal please email [email protected] or call 781-812-1078 to schedule a consultation today! We can guarantee that you will have a great experience with your mole removal.

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