Lip Filler: “Less Is More”

  • Posted on: May 19 2022
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Filler injectors should respect lip anatomy and symmetry. They should aim to gently augment certain anatomic features, such as the pillows of the lip (lip tubercles), which bring out the ideal lip shape. The provider should honor the patient’s expectation of an accentuated vermillion border. However, this should be performed gently to prevent unnatural results and accidental filler migration to the surrounding skin (cutaneous lip). Maintaining lip prints that are unique to each individual is crucial. It can be done using an appropriate injection technique (low filler volume placed in the correct tissue layer).

The aesthetic practitioner can provide instant results by injecting micro-aliquots of a very soft, low-viscosity filler. Regarding lip enhancement with filler, “less is more.” The injector’s goal should be to enhance the essential features of the lip while avoiding overfilling that can cause alienization (the patient’s lips are entirely distorted). Please note that it takes time for the filler to settle, so the lips may initially appear bigger than expected.

Following a minimalist approach to lip filler enhancement, Dr. Kroumpouzos guarantees that the patient will get a fantastic result that is not overdone. For more information on chemical peels, please visit

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