Ultrasound Guidance in Filler Injections

  • Posted on: Jan 6 2023
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Dermatologists have been increasingly using ultrasound guidance to prevent complications related to filler injections. Before a filler procedure, this technology can be utilized in the examination room for vascular mapping (real-time imaging of the essential vessels in the area to be injected with filler). This is extremely important because it ensures that the filler material will not be injected into the vessel – such an incident would have caused blockage of the blood flow and skin necrosis that can result in scarring and discoloration. Therefore, ultrasound is crucial in preventing such complications. Also, ultrasound allows for identifying the filler, its location in skin tissues, and its extent after the cosmetic procedure.

Lastly, in cases of suspected vessel blockage by the filler material, ultrasound allows the identification of the intra-vascular embolus or external vascular compression by the filler implant and helps manage this complication by providing real-time imaging of hyaluronidase or other drug injection in the affected area. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that can dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers, and hyaluronidase injection is more effective when performed under ultrasound guidance.

Ultrasound is a valuable tool in cosmetic practice.  Dr. Kroumpouzos regularly performs filler injections under ultrasound guidance, which increases the safety of the filler procedure.

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